ISO Certification for Land Records System



DG(STQC), Dr.Sarnot formally handed over the Product Certificates to DG(NIC), Dr.N.Vijayaditya on 9/1/2004 at a small function held in Convention Hall, 7th Floor, NIC (Hqrs) in which Senior Officers from both NIC and STQC participated. Bhulekh (Land Records) is the first product from NIC to be certified for ISO 12119 and ISO 9126 for product Quality.


STQC has after rigorous exercise consisting of s/w documentation & certification, Test Cases Planning and Test Cases Execution, Iterations of Defect Fixing, Test Reports certified the variousflavours ((Rajasthan(Apna Khata ver 4.0), Tamilnadu(Tamil Nilam ver 5.0), West Bengal (Bhoomi2000 ver 2.0) and Delhi (Indraprastha Bhulekh ver 1.0)) -Please click here for viewing the certificates of Land Records Application Software designed & developed by NIC. During the testing phase, all the Defects such as Critical, Major, Minor and Cosmetic were ironed out and the whole exercise resulted in a defect free application software making the application more robust after four months of rigorous exercise.


Standard quality attributes for Bhulekh offshoots in terms of Functionality including Security, Reliability, Usability, Efficiency, Maintainability and Portability was documented and tested as per International Standards. Hence each Bhulekh software although differing with respect to scope of functionality shall be required to realize and to maintain a measurable level of performance.


The process of Certification was started on 20th June 2003 after signingMOU (Memorandum of Understanding) withSTQC. The entire activity was initiated, co-ordinatedunder the convenorship of Land Records Information Systems (LRIS) Division in NIC (Hqrs), and successfully completed on 26/12/2003. Since the Land Records Application Software is at various stages in different States, like first stage which consists of basic Data Entry, Data Verification, Data Validation & Reports; and advanced stage consists of Mutation Software along withprocess workflow and Security. In the first cycle of product certification, the advanced stage States were chosen. Bhulekh and Bhu-Abhilekh are the trademarks of Land Records Application Software from NIC. LRC Developer teams from these States worked in close co-operation with the respective STQC teams of these States along with the team from Land Records Division in NIC (Hqrs) in New Delhi. Monthly review meetings were conducted with all the four States using the latest state of art technology of NICís Video Conferencing facility. A Quality Requirements and Specification document of LRIS product (QRSD) is also being prepared and would be released shortly which is proposed to be adhered by one and all.


As a result of above measures, the Land Records Software has emerged in a robust form encompassing district and tehsil level requirements with a Standard Software Configuration Management (SCM) in place.


The remaining States (including Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Gujarat, Orissa, Haryana who are in advanced stage) are required to adhere to the guidelines given in QRSD of LRIS product and come forward for certification.