F. No. D-19016/1/06/1/06-Admn.

Government of India

Ministry of Rural Development

Department of Land Resources

NBO Building, G-Wing,  Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi


Dated:  May 28, 2007.


Subject:  Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for Computers and Printers of the Department of Land Resources.




            Sealed quotations are invited for Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of Computers and Printers of the Department of Land Resources installed in NBO Building, Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi and 6th Floor, Block No. 11, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi so as to reach the undersigned on or before 11.06.2007 by 4.00 PM.  Rates should cover preventive maintenance, regular maintenance, resident engineer (separately), provision for standby systems and printer head in respect of DMT Printers.


2.         Terms and Conditions for Tender:


1.             Quotation letter in sealed envelope should be addressed to Deputy Secretary (Admn.), Department of Land Resources, Ministry of Rural Development, NBO Bldg., G Wing, Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi –110011.

2.             The rates quoted shall be mentioned by the Contractor both in figures and works.  There should be non erasing or overwriting whatsoever.

3.             The servicing, repairs et. of the CPU, Memory, Monitor, Speakers, Microphone, Mouse, Key-board etc. shall normally be carried out at the site where the same are installed.  However it is necessary to carry the all items to the workshop for the repair purpose, contractor shall bear transportation and other incidental charges.

4.             In the matter of interpreting the terms and conditions of the AMC as well as dispute, if any arising due to the AMC of the Computer, decision of the Deputy Secretary, Department of Land Resources, New Delhi, shall be final and binding on the Firm and no representation against his such decision shall be made by the Firm. 

5.             Tenders received after the stipulated date and time due to any reason whatsoever including postal delays shall not be considered.

6.             Department of Land Resources, reserves the right to accept or reject any/all quotations without assigning any reason whatsoever.

7.             The tender(s) should be signed by the bidder(s).

8.             Incomplete and unsigned quotations are liable to be rejected.

9.             An Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of Rs. 5000/- must accompany each quotation.  This shall be in the form of an account payee Demand Draft of any nationalized bank drawn in favour of Pay & Accounts Officer, Ministry of Rural Development payable at New Delhi without which the tender shall be summarily rejected.  No cheque/money order/cash shall be accepted.  The EMD will be refunded after the successful bidder takes over the work.  If a bidder does not take up the work by the stipulated date, his EMD will be forfeited.

10.          The EMD deposit shall not attract any interest.  The EMD of the unsuccessful bidders shall be returned within one month of the finalisation of AMC, without any interest.

11.          Quotation with overriding condition will be summarily rejected.

12.          Any of the vendors, who may desire, may be present at the time of opening of the tenders.

13.          The successful bidder will have to execute an Agreement.

14.          This Department reserves the rights to reject any quotation without

assigning any reason. 

15.          The contract for AMC covers all items i.e. CPU, Memory, Monitor, Speakers, Microphone, Mouse, Key-board etc. of the computers and Dot Matrix Printers, Laser Printers and Inkjet Printers. No payment on account of any of these items will be payable extra.

16.          The firm will provide maintenance and repair service on holidays, in case of emergency.

17.          In case the computer cannot be repaired within the office premises and is required to be taken to the firm’s workshop, stand-by arrangement will be provided by the firm without extra charge.  The firm will have to take care of virus problem in the computers under contract.

18.          The performance will be monitored during the first three months and if the performance is not found satisfactory, contract may be terminated.

19.          In no circumstances, advance payment shall be made to the contractor.  The payment shall be made on quarterly basis (i.e. at the end of each quarter) which would be one fourth of the approved amount of the Annual comprehensive maintenance contract. 

20.           The firm will provide genuine parts of computers in case replacement of parts in needed. The parts  shall be of the same make.  In the event of their non-availability, good quality parts should be used under intimation to this Department.

21.          It shall be the responsibility of the firm to make all be computer work satisfactory throughout the contract period and also handover the systems to this Department in working condition on the expiry of this contract. 

22.          The contract includes support like installation of MS Office software, internet service and other software support (The concerned CDs in all cases will be provided by Department of Land Resources) as per requirements of the user.  The memory back-up of each computer shall be maintained by the firm on regular basis. 

23.          The penalty provision for computer and its parts on account of delay in repairing the computers and its parts (limited to the cost of that items/computer) are as follows:


i.          Rs. 100/- per working day for computers.

ii.         Rs. 15/- per working day for mouse/key board.

iii.            Rs. 50/- per working day for monitor.


24.          The firm shall carry out periodic check up of all the computers under contract and take necessary maintenance on regular basis.

25.          Department of Land Resources reserves the right to terminate the contract at any time without assigning any reason to the firm.

26.          The firm must have experience of Maintenance Contracts of Computers and peripherals for at least 10 years with Central Government (Ministries/Departments/Organisations).

27.          The firm must have a Service Charges Turn Over (total Annual Value of Services Provided) of more than Rs. 10 lakhs per annum for the last three years.

28.          The firm should have at least one AMC of Rs. 4 lakhs or more in each of the last three years.

29.          The firm should be in a position to provide Bank Guarantee if asked for.

30.          The firm should provide list of Central Government Ministries/Departments/Organisations for which it has – AMCs, in each of the last 5 years.

31.          The firm should provide of Service Tax Registration No. by last 3 years I.T. returns.


3.              Important dates:


i.               Date and Time for acceptance of tender  :  at 4PM on 11th June 2007

ii.             Date and Time of opening of tender         : at 3 PM on 12th June 2007



4.              If you are interested, kindly send your quotation to the undersigned with your terms and conditions along with a list of your clients with their complete addresses and telephone numbers to the undersigned on or before the stipulated date and time in a sealed cover containing heading “Quotation for Computer AMC”.  The quotation should accompany a Bank Draft of Rs. 5000.00 without which the quotation will not be entertained. Details of the infrastructure available with your firm for undertaking the job may also be furnished. Details of the computers and printers of this Department which are likely to be covered under the AMC are enclosed


5.              This is also available on the website of this Department dolr.nic.in.


Yours faithfully,



(D.K. Goel)

Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India

Tel. No. 23062454







P IV Server



P IV Client







Coloured (Hp Photosmart 2608)



DMT Printer