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National Conference of CEOs of SLNA at Hyderabad on 18th & 19th Feb, 2016

Department of Land Resources organized a two days conference of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of State Level Nodal Agencies (SLNAs) for Watershed Development component of Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana at Hyderabad on 18th & 19th Feb, 2016. During the Conference the financial & physical performance of the Watershed Development component of Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana, the progress on the implementation of Public Finance Management System, Monitoring & Evaluation of Watershed projects, impact assessment of the project, use of Process Management System, Management Information System, Srishti & Drishti and preparation of E-DPR by the States were reviewed and discussed. Presentations were also made by the SLNAs of 17 States on innovations and new initiatives taken by them in the implementation of Watershed Development projects. During a side event chaired by Project Director, Neeranchal cum Joint Secretary (WM), Department of Land Resources the CEOs of States participating in the Neeranchal Project were also sensitized about the actions required to be taken by them in the immediate future.

Presentations made in the Conference
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Photographs of the Conference