Page 5 - DoLR Activities
P. 5

NRSC  National Remote Sensing Centre
PIA   Project Implementing Agency
PMU   Project Management Unit
PO    Project Officer
PPP   Public Private Partnership
PPPP  Public-Private-Peoples’ Partnership
PPR   Preliminary Project Report
PSMC  Project Sanctioning and Monitoring Committee
RoR   Record of Rights
RS    Remote Sensing
RTC   Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crops
SC    Scheduled Caste
SLDC  State Level Data Centre
SoI   Survey of India
SPSP  State Perspective and Strategic Plan
SRO   Sub Registrar Office
ST    Scheduled Tribe
SLNA  State Level Nodal Agency
TS    Total Station
WC    Watershed Committee
WHS   Water Harvesting Structure
WDF   Watershed Development Fund
WDT   Watershed Development Team
WS    Watershed

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