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Department of Land Resources

The Department of Land Resources, in the Ministry of Rural Development, has the task of
ensuring optimum utilization and sustainable productivity of rain fed/degraded lands. One of its
major goals is to facilitate effective land use system based on efficient land information system
(LIS)1and Land Resources Management System (LRMS) with the aim of bringing in adigitized
land titling system.

    DoLR’s Mission
    i) To enhance the productivity of rain fed/ degraded lands and livelihood opportunities in rural

             areas through a participatory watershed development approach.

    ii) To put in place effective agrarian reforms, including an efficient land use policy, and transparent

             Land Records.

In July 1992, Government of India set up the Department of Wastelands in the Ministry of Rural
Development. The nomenclature changed to Department of Land Resources in April 1999. A
Secretary heads the Department, assisted by an Additional Secretary, two Joint Secretaries, one
Economic Advisor, Directors and Deputy Secretaries and other Ministerial Staff. The total
strength of the Department is around 130. Organogram of the department is at the end of this

                                          The Department has listed its various services and
                                          transactions, specifying responsible person for each group of
                                          transactions/services and the prescribed service standards,
                                          grievance redress mechanism as well as stakeholders and
                                          clients. The Client Charter also specifies the expectations
                                          from service recipients.

  Shri BirenderSinghji, Hon. Minister MoRD

Watershed development in India traces its origin from River Valley Projects (1963). The Drought
Prone Area Programme (1972-73) tackled specific problems of
drought- affected areas and Desert Development Programme
(1977-78) addressed the problems of desert areas. The

1Citizens/Client Chart, 2013-14

                                                                                      Mrs. VandanaKumari Jena, Secretary Do5LR
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